Why pay for professional alarm system monitoring?

Why not have the neighbors respond?


RELIABLE RESPONSE. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our central monitoring station operators are waiting to notify authorities of any emergency you might have.


The neighbors aren't always home. It is just as obvious to burglars that they are gone as it is to you. If your system isn't monitored, no neighbors at home means no response.

Besides, the neighbors probably can't tell if it is your alarm or someone else's.


PROMPT RESPONSE. Our operators call using an automated system, making response quick and accurate.

The neighbors won't call to get help for you until they are tired of the noise.

The neighbors may have to look up phone numbers in order to reach you if you are away.


APPROPRIATE RESPONSE. Our systems can send distinct signals and we can dispatch the appropriate authorities for each of the following:


burglar alarm fire alarm panic duress/ambush medical panic

(sends zone information as well)


The neighbors won't know the difference. If they call 911, Their call may just be classified as a complaint about noise and not a high priority.

If you ask them to "check it out" themselves, remember:

The neighbors probably aren't trained to respond like professional police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs.

The neighbors would be putting their life on the line confronting a burglar.


SYSTEM MAINTENANCE. We can also notify you of:

power outages low batteries in your system

Your neighbors may not know that there is a problem or where to find you.


HOUSEHOLD TROUBLES. With additional equipment you can be notified of:

basement flooding freezing pipes refrigeration/ freezer failure

Your neighbors won't notice until there is a catastrophic problem, if at all.

Your neighbors may not know where to find you.


BUSINESS owners can monitor employee activity. We can:

Log activity

Send monthly printed reports of activity

or Supervise activity (Call if it varies from the regular schedule)