For the Home

Rampart Security designs, sells, installs, monitors, and services home security and fire alarms.  We also install, service, and monitor medical panic buttons, and other useful gadgets for homeowners and families.  Our specialists listen to your needs and design a system that is right for your home and family. 

Rampart Security specialists address homeowners' concerns regarding alarm systems, false alarms, system installation, reliable monitoring, and communication options. 

We know you dread

  • false alarms
  • messy installations
  • long term contracts
  • slow monitoring station response
  • and being "locked in" to keeping a phone line just for the alarm.

You don't want or need the "hard sell."  We'll hear your needs, write a bid, and let you decide.  No pressure to sign long term contracts.  Try us. 

Free security alarm estimates and Total Connect video system estimates. 

Systems worth buying, not free systems. 

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