Home Security Alarm Systems

Wireless or hard-wired, our alarm systems have features to make your life easier.

  Security system monitoring.
$25/mo via landline or $33 using cell communicator

Get a fast, appropriate, professional response to your alarm system. Neighbors are no substitute for monitoring-- you put them in danger if they respond instead of the police. You may also endanger yourself if they mistake you for an intruder. to get started. 

Chime feature tells you when a door is opened or closed even when the system is disarmed. (you can turn this feature on and off at the keypad) 

Child arming/ disarming system notification: We can call you when the system is armed or disarmed or have the system send you a text message. You'll know if your teen comes home in the middle of the day or arrives home later than planned. Is the dog-sitter coming as often as you agreed? (Also known as "supervised openings and closings". Additional $10 per month for phone call or text notification, text message charges from your cell provider are your responsibility)  This feature is no extra charge if you have Total Connect

   Medical panic pendants Have an ambulance dispatched, and/or notify a family member when the panic button is activated. Waterproof and water resistant models.

"No activity" report. We can program your security system to notify us if there is no movement in range of a motion detector for a specified length of time. This can be useful for elderly relatives that may need assistance periodically. The system would not need to be armed to have this feature enabled. $10 per month.

Carbon monoxide (CO) detector monitoring. $125 installation per detector. $1 per month monitoring.

Fire detection monitoring. Make the most of your system by adding fire detection sensors. They are "on" even when your system is disarmed, and we do not charge any additional for monitoring them. We install smoke detectors and heat sensors (hard-wired or wireless). (Sorry, we do not monitor your higher-voltage builder-installed smoke detectors.)

Water sensor monitoring Your alarm can alert you of water rising in your basement with the installation of a water sensor for $125. $1 per month monitoring through your alarm system.

Freezer temp-alert monitoring Don't let a power interruption or freezer failure go unnoticed. $125 for sensor installation. $1 per month for monitoring through the alarm system.

Light and appliance controllers.  Schedule or remotely activate lights or other appliances via Total Connect.

Safe or Gun Safe monitoring Your system can be partitioned so that your safe is armed all of the time. $75 (tamper-resistant outside mount switch)

A/C power failure alert.  No charge. Not standard programming, and not highest priority for notification unless we have special instructions noted.

For the visually impaired: Several of our systems can verbally tell you the status of the system)

For the hearing impaired: Indoor strobe lights for notification are available. $75 each.

Digital Cellular Communications (no land-line phone required) $165 installation, $8 per month in addition to $25/month for regular monitoring. 

Total Connect video.  See what is happening at your home from anywhere you have a smartphone or computer with an internet browser and an internet connection.  This operates independently from your alarm system, or it can be triggered by the alarm system.  Is your dog chewing on the telephone cord?  Are your teenagers having a party? 

Virtual Keypad.  Control your alarm system from anywhere you have a computer with an internet browser and an internet connection.  Arm, disarm, change codes... it is a full-function keypad designed for computers and smartphones.