Info for New Construction

  Estimates are usually done either from blueprints or during a walk-through with the owner after the framing is completed.

The work is done in 2 phases: pre-wire (or rough-in) and trim-out. Each phase normally takes half of a day to a full day.


Billing for our work on new construction comes in two parts and can be billed to you or your builder.

  1. The Pre-wire bill: one fourth to one third of the total system cost plus wiring permits (if required; usually around $50)
  2. The Trim-out bill: The balance of the system cost plus tax on the equipment. Monitoring fees may be included on this bill as well.

Payments for these bills are due upon receipt. We accept checks, MC, Visa, American Express, and Discover for installation bills.

Other paperwork we will provide to you:

  • A police permit or registration may be required (fees depend on city)
  • An alarm certificate for your insurance company (to qualify for premium discount)


Pre-wires are done after all of the other rough-in work. Two weeks notice is best for scheduling a pre-wire.

Schedule us AFTER Electrical rough-in AND BEFORE Insulation and sheetrock

We charge $50 for additional visits to make changes or repair damage caused by other workers.


Before the pre-wire:

  • Make sure your builder knows you are having an alarm installed. They may want us to send them insurance certificates.
  • You should plan to have a non-GFI outlet installed for the alarm. This does not need to be a dedicated circuit.
  • Plenum ceilings require plenum wire. Tell us in advance so that we can use plenum wire. If we don't, the system will not pass inspection. An additional cost will apply.
  • It is better security to have the telephone interface box mounted inside. We will drill for this. The phone extension wires should be left inside, not pulled to the exterior. You need to tell your phone company that you want your interface box inside.
  • Make sure the builder knows when we plan to be there so that they can schedule inspections afterward.
  • Give us the lock box code if no one will be there to let us in

Trim-outs are done after the building is otherwise finished. Two weeks notice is sufficient to get your trim-out scheduled.

Schedule us AFTER:

  • Electricity is permanently on
  • Interior painting done (except for touch-up)
  • Phone service on (scheduled by owner, not builder).
  • (Remember to have the phone company mount the interface box inside if the foundation was drilled for this purpose.)


AVOID scheduling us at the same time as:

  • Hard-wood floors (allow time for drying) and Carpet


If electricity or phones are not on permanently we will have to make another $50 trip to finish the system.


Before the trim-out remember to:

  • Give us the lock box code if no one will be there to let us in
  • Call us with your call list and password (or give it to our installer or emai it in) Monitoring will not start until we have this information.
  • Arrange to be at the house when the installer is finishing up so that you can be trained on how to use it. (If this isn't possible, arrange for training at another time.)
  • Tell us in advance if you have DSL, cable phones, or anything other than a plain old telephone line installed. A filter may be needed for the alarm to work properly, or you may need to consider a Digital Cellular Communicator (see COMMUNICATION OPTIONS)