No Phone Line Required

   More and more households and businesses are dropping their land-line telephone service.  This means their alarm systems cannot communicate via the phone line anymore, so an alternative is needed.  Rampart Security Systems offers a Digital Cellular Communicator to be used as a backup or primary means of wirelessly sending alarm signals to the central station.  This equipment can be purchased for $165, and monitoring via the cell unit costs $33 per month.  If you choose to lease this equipment instead, the monthly fee is $43, and installation is free (36 month contract required for lease).     

  When the Digital Cellular Communicator is used as a telephone line backup it monitors the existing phone line for interruption and reports it to the central station. In the event of an alarm activation the alarm panel communicates over the phone line while simultaneously sending the same alarm information over the GSM network. This redundant signal is the best for security. 

When the Digital Cellular Communicator is used as the primary means of communication it sends all data over the GSM network to the central station. This is great for homes and businesses where only cell phones are used for voice communications or for vacation properties with no phone lines.

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