Our People

 Rampart Security Systems has had many of the same great employees for decades.  We have very little turnover.  We do get lots of calls from job-seekers, and we are always open to receiving resumes, even if we are not actively hiring.  In the past we have occasionally found just the right fit for our company before we even knew we were looking. 

Meet a few of our long-time staff members: 

  Patricia, a security consultant, keeps busy in her "spare time" with creative endeavors.

  Craig, our Operations and Service Manager, has been rescuing Greyhound dogs for years.  He is also active in Boy Scouts and is the father of two grown boys. 

Roger and Ken (center two) are father (owner) and son (manager).  Both enjoy fishing and morel mushroom hunting.  At one time they might have said they enjoyed golf, but they haven't said it recently.  Ken swore this was his last tournament.  Photo taken at a BNI run charity tournament at The Nationals in 2010.

   Rhonda, manager, fritters away her spare time chasing her and Ken's 2 children and wishing there were more hours in the day.