System Installation

Installer Training and Experience

Our installers are fully insured and highly experienced. They have Alarm Technician training from the National Training School (NTS) through the Electronic Security Association (ESA, formerly National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association).  Our technicians have decades of experience installing hard-wired and wireless alarm systems.  They are skilled at retro-fitting older homes that many other companies would insist on using wireless equipment to secure.  With Rampart, you have a choice whether to go with wireless or hard-wired equipment.  


Security Alarm Installations

If you accept our estimate, we will schedule a day and time for your system installation.  Wireless installations will take less time than hard-wired installations.  The size of the system is a consideration as well.  The average hard-wired home system takes 6-8 hours.  An average wireless system installation takes 4-6 hours.  You do not necessarily need to be there the whole time. 

If your home or business location is under construction and you have chosen a hard-wired system, we may need to pre-wire the system before the sheetrock is hung.  We trim-out after the painters are done. 


Fire Alarm Installations 

If you accept our estimate, we will schedule your system installation date and time and let you know about how long it should take.  Some systems take hours, others take days.  It all depends on the size of the system and stage of construction. 

If your building is under construction we will need to pre-wire the system before the sheetrock is hung.  We trim-out (mount the equipment) after the painters are done.


What to Expect on Installation Day

Our installers are accustomed to working with or without the property owner present.  However, we prefer to walk through with you before starting to confirm the system design, and we will need you to be present again when we are done.  At completion, you will be taught how to use the system, receive important paperwork for your insurance company, get a user manual, and pay for the system. 

During the time our installers are there, regardless of the type of system, there will be some noise and mess.  While it isn't as loud as having a new roof put on, it is louder than your home or business may normally be.  The day begins with technicians bringing in the equipment, tools, and ladders they need to do the job.  As the system is being installed, you may hear drilling (even with wireless, there are holes to drill).  Once everything is mounted, it needs to be programmed, which makes a lot of beeping at the keypad.  When programming is complete, the technicians will test the system.  If they are installing an alarm, you will hear a siren during testing.

Any mess created will be cleaned up before our installer leaves.  They carry what they need to clean up after themselves.