System Sales

Security Alarm Sales

Rampart Security will custom design a burglar alarm system and give you a price for it, including installation.  We call it an estimate, but it is a price we stick to.  If there is any question about your installation that would change the pricing, we let you know upfront, before the installation.  Options are priced separately so that you can make an educated choice.  

Our security specialists have years of experience.  They work closely with our installers to ensure your system is what you expected.

Unless you have experience installing alarms, we would not recommend trying to do it yourself.  The learning curve is steep. We do not sell equipment wholesale.



Fire Alarm Sales

Rampart Security will estimate your commercial fire alarm system cost based on plans pre-approved by the fire marshall.   We do not design fire alarm systems for commercial buildings.  An architect can create plans for you and get them approved. Skipping this step delays occupancy in new construction. 

We can add smoke detectors and/or heat sensors to security systems in homes and small businesses without pre-approved plans. 


Whichever type of system, give us a call at 816-436-3000 for an estimate.