Why Rampart should be your choice for a professionally installed security system...




Local (Kansas City, MO) U.L. certified central monitoring station.

Free labor for system maintenance (No charge for labor and no trip charges if we are called out to maintain your system. This applies during regular business hours to monitored systems only.)

24-hour technical help available. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to help you.


High quality, versatile equipment. We only install the best equipment--- if we didn't we would have to give away more free service calls.


Non-proprietary equipment. You aren't locked-in to Rampart by the equipment we install. Other companies can monitor the equipment we use. We know we have to provide good consistent service to keep your business.*


You own it all. No threats to remove equipment if you discontinue monitoring, no threats that your system will be disabled if you don't have it monitored by us.*


  No long term contract required for monitoring. Our superior, consistent service is ongoing. We don't just try to impress you until you sign 3 years away. Plus-if you move you won't have to pay off a contract.*


You'll save money. Our rates are an average of $12.50 per month less than other companies. That means you save over $450 over the course of the 3 year contract other companies require.

You'll save money on your insurance premiums. We provide you with a certificate that qualifies you for up to 20% savings on insurance premiums.


*System purchase required. Different policies apply to leases.