Rampart Security Systems

Security System installation cost

Security Monitoring $25 per month

Fire Detection system cost

Fire monitoring Free with security monitoring

Is this purchase or lease? Purchase.

Is this proprietary equipment? No.

Can another company monitor this equipment? Yes.

Contract length Month to month

Hardwired, wireless, or hybrid equipment?

How much will battery changes cost? And how often should they be changed? Main battery $35, installed. (expected life is 3 years min). Wireless device batteries $2-$7 each. (Last 1-2 years)

How long is the warranty and what is included? 1 year parts & labor warranty. Excludes Acts of God and Willful Damage. (Homeowner's insurance would cover those events.)

Is a service policy included? Free labor for maintenance work (see below). Parts policy is available for $5-10 per month.

How do I know I'm getting reliable equipment? We are willing to service it for free (see below).

How much do security alarm service calls cost per hour? Free labor for maintenance on monitored systems during regular business hours. $50/hr for repairs due to Acts of God or Willful Damage. After hours rate is double.

Trip charge? none, unless you are REALLY out there

What if I move? 3 mo. Free for referring us & Customer loyalty discount

Do I need a landline phone for monitoring? NO

Cost of Digital Cellular Communicator (GSM) about $165 to purchase (installed) plus $8/mo.

Available discounts Customer loyalty, senior, military, firefighter/law enforcement

3 yr cost: Installation, activation, monitoring, service