Retro-fit New System in Existing Building

  Estimates are usually done in-person at your home or business.  This allows us to give you a firm price and it enables our installer to bring all of the necessary equipment on installation day. 

Unlike many other companies, there is NO PRESSURE to sign a contract.  We do not require long term contracts, just month-to-month agreements. 

Your alarm can be hard-wired, wireless, or a combination of both (hybrid).  For more about the differences, see our page on wireless vs. hard-wired alarms.

If  you accept our estimate, we will schedule a day for your installation.  An average hard-wired installation takes 3/4 to one full day, wireless may take 2-4 hours.  It depends on the size of the system. 

We start by 9AM and are ready to train you on alarm use that afternoon.  Our installers are accustomed to working with or without the home owner present.  However, we prefer to walk through with you in the morning and confirm the system design, and we will need you present again in the afternoon.  Our installers are fully insured and highly experienced.

That day we need you to:

  •  Call us with your call list and password (or give it to our installer or fax it in) Monitoring will not start until we have this information.
  • Arrange to be at the house when the installer is finishing up so that you can be trained on how to use it. (If this isn't possible, arrange for training at another time.)
  • Tell us in advance if you have DSL, cable phones, or anything other than a plain old telephone line installed. A filter may be needed for the alarm to work properly, or you may need to consider a Digital Cellular Communicator (see COMMUNICATION OPTIONS)
  • Pay for the installation: The bill will be for the estimate amount, any options you have added,  plus tax on the equipment. Monitoring fees may be included on this bill as well.

Payments for these bills are due upon receipt. We accept checks, MC, Visa, American Express, and Discover for installation bills.

Other paperwork we will provide to you:

  • A police permit or registration may be required (fees depend on city)
  • An alarm certificate for your insurance company (to qualify for premium discount)